Norman Brumm – Former Michigan Artist

Norman Brumm was a well-known Michigan artist who favorite subject were the birds and flowers of Michigan. He was a painter, both in oil and water color, but what he was most known for were his works in enamel on copper. He created both plates and sculptures in this medium.

Norman Brumm passed on in 2008 – so there are no longer any artworks being produced by him, but he has left a large legacy of works behind – they are very popular and have many collectors.

His sculptures often combine flowers and birds, and are attached to driftwood for the base. Most sculptures are signed with a burnt “BRUMM” into the wood base, and many are also signed with his distinctive “Brumm” signature as well. He has created all sizes, from a single small flower to large wall hung sculptures that are several feet across.

Brumm also created decorative plates depicting a wide variety of subjects. Small little mice, baby rabbits, deer, all kinds of birds and beautiful flowers. I have seen plates ranging in size from tiny plates about 4 1/4 inches across to larger plates of about 9 3/4 inches across.

If you love Norman Brumm enamel on copper art, you will want to keep in touch, because I always am looking for pieces┬áby this amazing artist. You can also go to the AuntJanesAttic Facebook fan page to become a fan (by clicking the “like” button) and whenever more Brumm is listed it will be announced from the AuntJanesAttic Facebook page.

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